Consumer focus: We want to make peoples' life better.

We are dedicated to run high quality, observational and clinical studies with our key products, in order to constantly increase the scientific data and literature that support the products’ effectiveness. We are particularly focused on the Seasonal, Children’s and Women’s Health segments.

We strive to understand consumers’ needs when it comes to natural health solutions, in order to offer products, the markets really need.

Constant market researches support launches of our products on an international level: this way, products that are already successfully trusted in certain restricted geographic areas, can be adapted and launched effectively worldwide.

This is our ultimate goal: bringing our knowledge and natural products to patients worldwide. Therefore we constantly research the market needs and opportunities in order to launch internationally the products from our portfolio that currently are restricted to certain geographies.

We also continuously work on bringing to markets new preparations originated from the homeopathic heritage of Willmar Schwabe.

These efforts, into which we are integrating the latest scientific findings, are an essential part of our company philosophy.



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Seasonal Health

Explore the symptoms of Colds&Flu

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Children's Health

Expert in children‘s health solutions.

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Women's Health

Discreet health support for womenhood.

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Everyday's Health

The essence of a healthy life.

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