Homeopathy: Supports the Self-Healing Power of the Body

Homeopathy is an effective, tolerable, gentle and holistic therapy, stimulating and regulating the self-healing powers of the body. The term „homeopathy“ goes back to the Greek words „óμοίον πάθος hómoion“ meaning „similar“ and „páthos“ meaning „disease“.

Homeopathic complex medicines are unique and well-proven combinations of ingredients which are beneficial in the treatment of special illnesses. Therapy by complex medicines is a convenient option both for the practitioner to allow an indication-specific treatment of ailments, and for the patient, for a reasonable and ready-to-use alternative for self-medication in everyday health complaints. Those remedies offer a natural and safe alternative, with virtually no side effects. Complex medicines can be used for a long-term treatment of chronic diseases. Most of these remedies are beneficial for the treatment of pregnant women and babies but also for the whole family.

Single Remedies

The original homeopathic therapy is based on the use of single remedies: medical homeopathic products containing one single active substance. DHU is the market leader in that segment in Germany and offers a surpassing variety of homeopathic single remedies of an outstanding quality. We technically offer up to 400,000 different preparations, based on around 1,400 starting materials.

In our production, we mainly process starting materials originating from medicinal plants. Most of them are cultivated in our own nursery, certified for organic cultivation, in Staffort near Karlsruhe, Germany. But we also produce homeopathic remedies with substances of mineral or animal origin. The most important preparations are permanently on stock in all frequently used potencies and dosage forms: Globules or Pellets, Tablets, Dilutions, Injectables and Ointments.
All our remedies - custom orders or stock goods – are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and methods specified in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. The potentisation is exclusively made by hand at DHU – in compliance with the original instructions of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and the tradition of our company's founder, Dr. Willmar Schwabe.

Samuel Hahnemann - The father of homeopathy

Since he doubted the author´s statement while translating a book called Materia Medica, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) came to examine the efficacy of quinine (Peruvian bark) for the treatment of malaria. Dosing himself repeatedly Peruvian bark until his body responded to its toxic dose with fever, chills and other symptoms, similar to malaria. Hahnemann concluded that the substance was beneficial: in fact, it caused symptoms in people who were healthy, similar to the symptoms of the disease. This finding motivated him to study the effects of other drugs, following the principle of similarity. To read more about him we recommend this link on Wikipedia.

Homeopathic potencies

Hahnemann discovered that unmodified starting materials / substances are sometimes toxic and of great violence for patients. In a first step, he tested the method of reduction nearest at hand: dilution. His „Principle of Dilution“ states that the lower the dose of medication, the greater its effectiveness”. Hahnemann also discovered that an additional succussion (shaking) of the dilution increases its medical impact which is also known as the „Principle of Potentisation“: strengthening the power of a remedy - in the homeopathic sense - by succussion.

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