Karlsruhe, May 2016


Internationality, high quality and commitment from the very beginning

The Schwabe Group of Companies completes 150 years in 2016 – and, thus, also DHU celebrates 150 years of experience in homeopathy.

When the pharmacist Dr. Willmar Schwabe founded his company at the age of 26, he was probably the only one to be sure sure that this was the kick-off of a world company. But his strong will and company principles survived world wars, social, economic and political changes and scientific discussions. Read on


Karlsruhe, March 2015


Body care Products with homeopathic ingredients - This is what Schwabe India has recently launched into the Indian market, meeting especially the needs of the younger population with an increasing interest in wellness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

The soaps, hair-oils, shampoos and creams with well-known homeopathic ingredients like Calendula, Arnica and Lavandula cover the main categories of skin care and hair care. They are helpful as anti-dandruff treatment, to stimulate hair growth or to refresh and nourish the skin.

All products are manufactured with authentic Schwabe mother tinctures.

The body care products are available under the brand Boericke & Tafel, abbreviated B&T, which has been associated with homeopathic products of highest quality for decades. B&T is also known as one of the oldest homeopathic pharmacies worldwide.

Product information can be found on the Schwabe India website.


Karlsruhe, February 2015


DHU studies on Influcid and Immunokind as well as Pediatric Survey to be presented to doctors and researchers

DHU is granted a major platform at this year's conference of the Homeopathic Reserach Institute (HRI) in Rome to present its most recent scientific and market studies. Three abstracts have been accepted for presentations. The HRI is a well-recognised Research Institute; the congress increases DHU's credibility and international visibility and offers a platform to liaise with key opinion leaders. For more information on the HRI and the Congress in Rome, please click here.


Karlsruhe, October 2014


TERRA MEDICA shows how medicine grows

At the end of June 2014, the new Visitor’s Centre of DHU and Schwabe was inaugurated on the cultivation site of medicinal plants in Staffort. In the future, professional audiences like doctors, pharmacists or therapists will be offered events and conferences on natural medicine. The new building and the cultivation site itself are called Terra Medica: On 16 hectares of land (more than 39 acres) 500 medicinal plants show how medicine virtually grows out of the soil. 70 % of all vegetal starting material processed at DHU is cultivated on Terra Medica.

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Karlsruhe, 4 July 2014

69th Congress of LMHI

The 69th Congress of the LIGA MEDICORUM HOMOEOPATHICA INTERNATIONALIS, will be celebrated in Paris on 16-19 July, 2014. This year's congress is titled "Homeopathy on the Move - Strategies, Healing, Simillimum, Simile" and offers contributions by renowned homeopathic specialists such as Alexander Tournier, Hélène Renoux, Michael Frass, Klaus von Ammon, Frederik Schroyens, Roberto Petrucci and others. It focuses on clinical practice and offers a platform for exchange of different approaches and strategies.

The venue chosen for this year's Congress is the Palais des Congrès in Paris, lying at the heart of the city.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you at our DHU booth in Hall Maillot A, level 2.

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Karlsruhe, 24 February 2014

Mama Natura® wins the silver!

In 2011, DHU created an umbrella brand for global roll-out, developed specifically for children, under the name ‘mama natura®’. The portfolio comprises homeopathic combination products that are indicated for common mild ailments and problems that children are exposed to, at different phases of their life, from 0-6 years.

The market launch of the brand was initiated and executed by DHU Iberica, Spain in the same year.

In July 2013, the DHU International division, with their branding agency Dew Gibbons & Partners, submitted the ‘mama natura®’ brand to the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2014.

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are run annually, and are the UK's most vocal champion of the role of effective design in the creation of business growth. It is the only award scheme that uses commercial data as key judging criteria. They demonstrate the importance of integration of the design brief with business aims and objectives, and the submitted case studies also serve to demonstrate the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve.

There were 19 categories that a brand could enter into and ‘mama natura®’ was submitted into the ‘Brand Identity’. Hundreds of entries were submitted, and at the end of 2013, 69 brands were notified that they would receive Gold, Silver or Bronze at the official awards, and ‘mama natura®’ was announced as one of the 69 winners!

On 13th February 2014, two directors of DHU Germany and Iberica attended the prestigious DBA Design Effectiveness Awards gala evening, as guests of the branding agency, Dew Gibbons & Partners, and it was announced that ‘mama natura®’ had received the Silver award!


Karlsruhe, 13 November 2013

Dr. Schüssler Salts - now on TV

Since October, major TV stations in Germany broadcast the new spot of DHU Dr. Schüssler Salts - The Original since 1873

Please feel free to watch our commercial and join Dr. Schüssler Salts on their time travel from beginnings of the therapy in 1873 until modern times.






Brussels, 21 June 2013

Dr Gesine Klein as new ECHAMP President will continue the fight to put homeopathic and anthroposophic medicinal products on the EU agenda

Dr Gesine Klein has been elected President of ECHAMP, the European Coalition for Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products. She takes over from Mr Nand De Herdt, who retires after four years.

ECHAMP’s new President Dr Klein is also Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at Deutsche Homˆopathie-Union Arzneimittel (DHU) in Karlsruhe, Germany. She has been involved in ECHAMP since its inception and has been leader of its regulatory affairs activity and member of the Board of Management since 2004. She is looking forward to her new role, saying, “Nand will be greatly missed but ECHAMP’s work will continue. Our major challenge now is to make sure our voice is heard and taken seriously at European level. We will continue to defend and develop our industry with more energy than ever before.”
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Karlsruhe, 15 May 2013

OMIDA receives certificate for high-quality homeopathy and Schüssler educational trainings according to eduQua

OMIDA has been offering an extensive program of professional trainings for homeopathy and biochemistry according to Dr Schüssler for many years now. There is a high demand for these courses, which now have been certified according to the criteria of the renowned Swiss quality label for professional training, eduQua.

The eduQua label guarantees both high-quality professional programs and trainers with good credentials. The eduQua requirements for training quality and minimum requirements for infrastructure and education tools have even been strengthened as of 1 January 2013.
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Karlsruhe, 15 April 2013

Dr. Peithner Prize for Research in Homeopathy 2012

Homeopathy effective for allergies

Vienna, 15 April 2013. The Dr. Peithner prize for Research in Homeopathy was awarded on Saturday, 13 April, at a celebration of the Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine (ÖGHM). The award-winning study clearly shows the advantage of treating allergy symptoms with homeopathy. A number of further studies also prove the efficacy of homeopathy.
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Karlsruhe, 15 Februar 2013

100,000 Followers mama natura® Spain

The Facebook page of mama natura® Spain was created at the end of 2011. Since its origin it has been growing steadily in numbers of followers, becoming one of the reference pages of Spanish mothers. The page has reached 100,000 followers in just one year!

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English Version
Spanish Version


Karlsruhe, 09 July 2011

Deutsche Homöopathie-Union celebrates 50th company anniversary

“In the midst of medicine” was the motto, under which Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) celebrated its 50-year existence in Karlsruhe on 09 July. Founded in 1961, today the business has 500 employees and is the market-leading manufacturer of homeopathic preparations and Schüssler salts in Germany.

DHU’s experience in manufacturing and marketing homeopathic medications already dates back to the year 1866, when Dr. Carl Emil Willmar Schwabe founded the “Central Homeopathic Dispensary - Dr. Willmar Schwabe” in Leipzig. DHU originated from the Schwabe company and is now a sister company within the Schwabe group.
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Karlsruhe, 15 June 2011

In the midst of medicine: 50 years DHU

Law of similars and potentisation is the hallmark of an ingenious therapeutic method created by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago: homeopathy. The distinguishing feature of the method, to be able to effectively, gently and inexpensively treat diseases through activation of self-healing powers, is more topical today than ever.
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Karlsruhe, 18 October 2010

DHU receives award as ECOfit company

On 18 October 2010, Deutsche Homöopathie-Union received the award of an ECOfit company. ECOfit is an environmental advice programme of the state of Baden-Württemberg for medium-sized companies. Since 2005, ECOfit has been implemented in over 15 rural districts and towns in cooperation with the company Arqum (consulting firm for health and safety at work, quality control and environmental management). The aim of the programme is to improve environmental and climate protection and simultaneously save resources and costs. Deutsche Homöopathie-Union set itself this challenge last year, in order to also be exemplary in the environmental and climate sector.
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Karlsruhe, 19 August 2009

Allensbach study provides evidence: The population trusts homeopathy

Homeopathic medications are a concept known to almost all Germans. They are used and appreciated by more than half of German citizens. That is the result of a representative population survey by the Institute for Opinion Polls in Allensbach. The Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, reg. soc. (Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller e. V., B.A.H.), to which Deutsche Homöopathie-Union is also affiliated, had commissioned the study.
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Karlsruhe, 08 April 2009

Doors open for homeopathy in the EU

European Member of Parliament Daniel Caspary supports dialogue between manufacturers of homeopathic medications and the EU. Daniel Caspary, member of the European Parliament and representative of the administrative district of Karlsruhe, visited the German Homeopathy Union in Karlsruhe on Monday, 06 April 2009. The EU Member of Parliament obtained an overview of the challenges, which manufacturers of homeopathic and anthroposophical medications are faced with through EU legislation, and offered his support in the dialogue between the company and the responsible EU committees. Daniel Caspary was accompanied by Sven Maier, member of the local council of the city of Karlsruhe (CDU).
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