Test your knowledge on allergies

Allergic reactions (hypersensitivity reactions) are inappropriate responses of the immune system to a normally harmless substances.

The immune system – including cellular elements like white blood cells and non- cellular elements like antibodies, complement proteins and other substances – defends the body against foreign substances (called antigens).

In susceptible people, the immune system sometimes overreact when exposed to certain chemicals in the environment, certain food or drugs which are usually harmless in most people.

This overreaction of the immune system results in an allergic reaction with bodily symptoms. Some people are allergic to only one substance, others are allergic to many.

Do you know the time of the day when wind-pollinating plants usually tend to pollinate?

Grasses, weeds and trees tend to pollinate mainly during the early morning hours.

Therefore it is recommended to sleep with windows closed and also keep them closed, especially during periods of high pollen counts and windy conditions.

Do you know what makes dust mites feel at home at YOUR home and how to avoid it?

Encase your mattresses, pillows and bed sheets in impermeable covers
Wash your bedding frequently in hot water
Remove upholstered furniture and carpets
Avoid dust-collecting items in your home

House work without sneezing attacks – what do you think is better: hoovering or wiping
        the floor?

Damp dusting using dampened cloth or an oiled mop will minimize the distribution of dust through the air.

Furthermore, in patients with house dust allergies, it´s recommended to prefere parquet or tiles for flooring.

Do you love your pet? So what can you do to live with a pet despite having an allergy
        against animal dander?

Reduce your allergy by keeping your exposure to a minimum
Make your bedroom a pet-free zone
Use a mild shampoo to bathe your pet frequently (at least wipe the pet´s fur with a damp washcloth)


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